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Paul Habraken started playing music at age 11. His first instrument was French horn, his first bands were the local brass band and the West Brabant Symphonie Orchestra. When he was 19, he moved to Amsterdam, where he became involved in the local Classic Jazz scene, and switched to playing sousaphone. Paul proved beyond a doubt that the role of this instrument in Early Jazz need not be confined to playing bass notes in two-beat Dixieland Jazz. He developed his own style, characterized by a unique tone and lyrical solo lines, making him one of the world's leading sousaphone players in Early Jazz. Paul has been playing the same Conn sousaphone for over 30 years now.

He has a.o. been heard performing with the following:
  - The Roaring Seven Jazzband (CAT LP- 3 & 16)
  - Animal Crackers
  - Joseph Lam Jazz Band: (Cat LP-26)
  - Andor's Jazz Band (Cat CD 7111)
  - The Fried Potatoes (Stomp-Off LP -S.O.S 1163)
  - The Dixieland Pipers (EMI)
  - The Down Town Jazzband (CD 30 years Downtown)
  - Four Wheel Drive
  - The Swedish Jazz Kings, met o.a. :
    Roy Williams trb.(GB), Tomas Ornberg (S), Bob Barnard (Aus) en Joep Peeters (NL)

  Robert Veen
Tom Stuip