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Tom started playing the banjo at age 12. He would have preferred a white electric guitar, like the one Tommy Steele played, but his budget dictated that he took home his grandfather's tenor banjo instead- much to his grandmother's satisfaction.
He began his music career as a performer in the school Skiffle group, followed by various Dixieland bands. He later learned to play the plectrum and five-string banjo. He has preferred the plectrum banjo ever since. Tom never took formal banjo lessons. His main influences have been: Eddy Smith (Chris Barber's Jazz Band), Eddie Peabody, Dave Marty, Elmer Snowden, Ikey Robinson and Buddy Wachter.
Tom has performed on all continents, except Antarctica. He has played and recorded with many famous bands, including: Dazzling Jazz Band, Perdido Street Paraders, Magnolia Jazz group '65, Dixie Machine, Chicken Feed, Crooks, European Classic Jazz Band, Delirium Tremolo, Down Town Jazz Band and the Dutch Swing College Band. Currently he is a member of the Aces Of Syncopation, Red Wing, Jazz-O-Matic Four and the string band Astro's Fools and a Fiddle.
Tom is a frequent guest at international banjo festivals, where he performs and gives workshops. His banjo CD The Great Banjo Conspiracy received wide acclaim in the banjo world.

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